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If there was ever a wine made for elevenses it’s Riesling. I don’t mean any old Riesling, I mean German Riesling.

If I am talking to wine folk, I apologise for preaching to the converted. If not, and you are new to such a wine, sort yourselves out! This is not the wine of doubtful quality doled out to old ladies at parties, but one of the finest expressions of the grape in the vinous pantheon. It could, without being humbly stated, lay substantial claim to being the world’s greatest white wine.

A combination of incredibly pure, primary fruit aromas (floral, honeyed and racily steely in its youth – morphing to secondary aromas of petrol and plasticine as it ages) married with a richness and complexity extraordinary in a wine of such low alcohol – between 7 and 10% abv – this is a wine of exceptional longevity.

High in extract, it’s residual sugars balanced with naturally high levels of tartaric acid, the examples of the cooler climate Mosel, Saar and Ruwer are perfect wines. If you are slightly afeared of residual sugar then seek out the drier trocken styles.