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It’s “Bell“, not “Belle“, but you have to admit they are beautiful! This is the ultimate bell, 5metres with a built in groundsheet, which – with an awning – takes up a considerable amount of campsite space. It’s heavy, so you will need a car to transport it – a far cry from my alpine tent, one stove, one bag travelling days but as a paterfamilias it is ideal. First off its canvas, so it doesn’t rustle in the wind, doesn’t make rainfall sound like a drumroll and doesn’t force you out at dawn due to excessive heat like a nylon tent. Admittedly its Glamping, but still a pure design, as used by scouts since the days of Baden Powell. It can handle a wood burning stove – with the correct exterior seal – enabling year round use and is a doddle to erect – ten to fifteen minutes including a cold bottle of beer.