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As a long term advocate of non-compliance, I love a wine that divides opinion!

Sure it’s got more than a heady whiff of the farmyard, but that never stopped anyone buying Musar.

Decanting is ‘de rig’,  for a good hour before drinking, and the longer you can leave it resting, at room temp, with a bit of oxygenation, the better. This not only reduces the feral, bosky, gamey aromas, but it’s important to remember that this wine has been sitting in bottle since 2003.

Freisa in all its chunky, funky glory is a rare beast.  Robust, earthy, tannic and unafraid to speak its mind. If you’re new to Freisa, it’s first mention in Piemonte occurs around 1799 – so catch up! Burton Anderson describes it as having a kind of sweet – acidic flavour, like lightly salted raspberries. But whatever you do, don’t confuse it with Pinot Noir – that’s just too predictable dahling!  This is Freisa di Chieri, seriously small berried (unlike Freisa Grossa) with bigger phenolics and a similar structure to Nebbiolo.

Altogether now ….Freisa Good, Freisa Good..