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‘Some folks’ lives roll easy as a breeze
Drifting through a summer night
Heading for a sunny day
But most folk’s lives they stumble
Lord how they fall
Some never roll at all, they just fall

Some folks’ lives’

My eldest son is ill and I don’t fully understand the nature or indeed the full extent and duration of his illness – despite my amateurish attempts at comprehension.

‘Kid what changed your mood
You’ve gone all sad so I feel sad too’.

The other morning, as I pulled a shard of glass from my dog’s paw, I wished, beyond hope, that I could remove what ails my boy in such an Androclean manner.
The time when he considered me to be a hero has passed, but as he is admitted to hospital today, that’s precisely what I have to be.
I hope to write again sometime soon, but have of late, wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth.