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Large works are time consuming. You have to prep a lot of paint – it must be the right colour and depth of colour – especially if its to go on in glazes. There is a comparison with surfing here – “How did you make that connection” – I hear my wife ask. Well, time bends (ref:  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, positive psychology “Flow”) when I paint. It is the same as being in the ocean. I am, for the time being at least, no-ones husband, father, son etc., I am totally in the moment. This is getting esoterical, so I will  rein things in. Any reverie or freedom, however  fleetingly experienced,  is usually broken by a text message from my wife.

The V.O.R – or Voice Of Reason, as she prefers to be called -disturbs me ( like the rent collector from Porlock  cut short Khubla Khan) and reality returns with a resounding bleep “get bread”, get milk”!

Purple Lake (situ)